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Grip Ace™ universal digital motorcycle switch kits
How Grip Ace Works

Grip Ace™ digital switch kit replaces the stock handlebarSwitches or adds switches to custom motorcycles. The four-push button rubber switch pad gives 6 different switch functions. The switches in the kit are used to control Starter, hi/lo headlights, turn signals, hazards andHorn. The system can control other functions needing switches. Works on all motorcycles. Everything you need for your custom build to be complete. Even a custom or stock Harley-Davidson can now have clean handlebars and all necessary switches to be street legal.

The Grip Ace™ switch pad can be installed in the grip, handlebar, or the bike itself, under the gas or oil tank, in triple tree, frame etc. Wire your handlebars in minutes. The Grip Ace™ switch pad can be fitted into most stock and aftermarket rubber or billet (aluminum) grips by cutting or machining an opening in the grip and gluing the switch pad to the grip or handlebar.

Grip Ace™ also offers the service of machining of grip and installing the switch pad. Grip Ace™ digital switch kits are also available preinstalled in hand grips for popular applications.

• Clean Handlebars
• 2-Year Warranty      
• Major Savings in Installation Labor & Time
• Hidden Switch Controls in Left Handgrip
• True Customization / Infinite Possibilities

• Wire Any Size Handlebars from Custom Ape   Hangers to Sportbike Clip-Ons - Easily!

• Simple One Wire to your Handlebar makes it   Dealer / Installer quicker, more affordable • Complete Kits Priced from US $399.95
  (KIts with Grips priced higher)
• Custom Fit to Hand Grips of Your Choice • Multi-Patented

It’s time we all have clean handlebars and custom looks with the Grip Ace™ Digital Switch System.

Unlimited Customization!

Replace your Bike's Stock Wiring Clutter and Bulky Switches....

With the Simple Grip Ace Kit featuring a simple 4-Button Pad you can position anywhere! - Below

Below is a Clean and Easy install (below) in a bike's stock Rubber Grip.
This is Stunt Rider and TV Star Jasson Britton's personal Kawasaki ZX12.

Jason Britton ZX12 grip

Jason Britton's Kawasaki ZX12 with Grip Ace

Not sure how to do it? It's Easy!
The photo below shows how the Grip Ace Control Module can be spliced / clipped-in into your bike's stock electrical control wiring while still on the bike. Then you can test the Gip Ace's Digital Switch Pad to confirm that it is performing all the same functions as your bike's stock switches. After that, just remove the bike's stock switches and wiring up to the splice point and you are ready to go!

The Digital Control Module performs the same functions as the bike's stock switches, Opening and Closing the different circuits.
While the Digital Switch Pad (not shown here) only needs 2 wires to communicate to the Control Module and control everything!

Grip Ace wiring test

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why use the Grip Ace™ system?
A. Clean handlebars, major cost saving when wiring bars, your legal.

2. Will my GRIP ACE™ work with any motorcycle?
A. Your GRIP ACE™ will work with any basic, standard wired stock or custom motorcycle.

3. Will my GRIP ACE™ work on 7/8 or 1” handle bars?
A. Your GRIP ACE™ will work with both 7/8 and 1” handle bars. Just specify which size when ordering.

4. Can my GRIP ACE™ switches be fitted to any grip?
A. In most cases YES, if grip to be fitted meets a specified size to accommodate the switch pad.

5. Will my GRIP ACE™ work with my stock self canceling turn signal module?
A. Yes, your GRIP ACE™ uses the same signal as the stock switches to activate the stock self canceling turn signal module.

6. What can my GRIP ACE™ system control on my motorcycle?
A. Starter, turn signals, hi beam headlight, horn, L.E.D lights, video cameras, audio recorders, CD player, nitrous oxide, air ride systems, slammer systems. If you have a custom application request, let us know.

7. Where can my GRIP ACE™ module be mounted?
A. Your 1” by 1” by 5.25” module can be mounted anywhere away from severe heat, and away from all ignition components. It can be under your fuel tank or next to your battery, under your seat, oil pan or in your fairing.

8. Can I get a custom program made for my GRIP ACE™ system?
A. Yes, inquire with us.

9. How many amps will my GRIP ACE™ system use?
A. 1 amp or less.

10. How many amps can my GRIP ACE™ system operate without a relay?
A. Your GRIP ACE system can operate any accessory up to 5 amps. Over 5 amps, you must use a relay to handle load.

11. Can my GRIP ACE™ grip wire be cut and fed through my handle bars and frame, then reconnected?
A. Yes, connect your red wire to the red wire and black to the black.

12. Can I use 2 GRIP ACE™ systems on my motorcycles?
A. Yes.

13. What’s the warranty of my GRIP ACE™?
A. 2 Years

14. Can I install my GRIP ACE™ myself?
A. If you have basic knowledge of your bikes wire diagram and switching functions, then it’s a no brainer, simple.

15. Where can I get my GRIP ACE™ installed?

A. Any local shop can wire it in for you. If they or you have questions then call or email us for assistance.

16. Must I remove any stock switches on my motorcycle?
A. NO. All stock switches can remain fully functional because no wires are cut for this type of installation. You can remove all the switches if desired. If stock switches are removed you must hard wire the engine run switch and the clutch switch. Very simple. Your ignition key will shut the bike off and remember you are customizing.