Grip Ace Instructions

Easy Installation

The patented GripAce™ allows you to replace any and all bulky electrical controls on your motorcycle, ATV
or motor vehicle with a simple, modern digital 4-push button rubber pad that can be installed anywhere including in the hand grip,
the handlebar, steering wheel or on the bike itself.

Grip Ace Universal Kit

Grip Ace Universal Digital Motorcycle Switch Kits

The Grip Ace Univeral Kit includes everything needed for Custom and Production motorcycles applications. Now you can can have clean handlebars with all the necessary switches in one hand to be street legal. It can Control your Starter, Hi/Lo Headlights, Turn Signals, Hazards and Horn. Works on all motorcycles. Does not include handlebar grips. You will have to fabricate installation in your own grips, handlebars, or somewhere on your motorcycle. Instruction included.

Jason Britton ZX12 grip

The Grip Ace Switch can be fitted into most grips. Cut a matching opening in your handlebar's Rubber Grip with an X-Acto type knife, then using the supplied Glue in the Grip Ace Kit, just glue the back of the digital switch pad to your metal handlebar behind the grip opening. For mounting inside a Metal Grip or Handlebar you will want to machine a location for it, or you can also send your custom Metal Grip or Handlebar to GripAce for exact precision machining. You can also hide the Grip Ace Switch Assembly anywhere on your bike, like under the gas tank.

We also offer Complete Grip Sets and Grip Ace Kits with the grips already modified for installalion of the digital switch pad.

Part No. GA-K-BC     Universal "Blue" Custom Program for Custom Motorcycles (call us)   $369.99
Part No. GA-K-BST   Universal "Blue" Production Motorcycles with Non-Self Cancelling Turn Signals   $369.99
Part No. GA-K-RHD   Universal "Red" Production Motorcycles with Self Cancelling Turn Signals   $369.99
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