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elcome to GripAce™ where the new digital age has arrived in motorcycling
with easier to use Digital Controls. Today, technology is advancing fast and everyone with a cell phone is hip to pushing buttons. We are excited to offer this same modern, clean looking, easy to use push-button technology
for your motorcycle or motorsports vehicle..

GripAce™ is leading the way into the digital age for the power sport industry with
clean handle bars and no visible switches and remaining legal. This is accomplished with the just one small wire routed through your handlebars to the GripAce™ switch pad under your fingers in the left handgrip. The GripAce™ System is easily fitted to any motorsports vehicle's hand grip or steering control. Perfect for any Custom, Touring or Race Bike to control almost any electrical functions.

Dealers, this is your chance to answer your customer’s customizing needs with GripAce™. You both win!

GripAce™ CLEAN!!!

GripAce Industries LLC, 8200 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 200, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 USA
phone 1-323-556-0730 • fax 1-323-311-6356

Note: The Grip Ace is designed for Custom Applications Only
Grip Ace is not responsible for any damages or injury caused by improper installation.



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on top custom bikes in magazines!

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